Saturday, 30 June 2007

Classic commentary

When I don't get an opportunity to see my team in action, either live or on the TV, the only other option is listening to the radio. During the first and second seasons of the Melbourne Victory I enjoyed the commentary of the boys from SEN, even enjoying the somewhat biased nature of their work. Their goal celebrations were something to hear.

However their commentary doesn't compare to that of the South Americans and the celebration that is synonymous with scoring of a goal, that famous "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!" (Repeated as many times as the goal warrants). I have been listening to both Radio Mitre in Argentina (for Boca Juniors games) and Radio Cooperativa in Chile (for Union Española games) for a number of months now and thoroughly enjoy them both, not only for that goal celebration but also the many ads and bits of humour. One example is during the recent Copa America match between Argentina and the US, when Argentina scored its second goal to go 2-1 up, the commentator was to be heard saying: "¡Houston tienen una problema!" (Houston you have a problem!) It was a classic piece of commentary. Their commentary makes you feel if you are actually at the game.

When not able to see the action, its great to be able to listen some great commentary from both here and overseas.


Anonymous Wes said...

Yes you are right, there are times when I have listened to the commentary on the radio whilst watching the game live on TV.

5 July 2007 at 08:39  
Blogger Neil said...

The guys on the radio capture the constant happenings of the game on the radio much better than on TV because they are not relying on the picture to do most of the talking for them. Currently I don't think that there are many quality TV commentators apart from Simon Hill. I'm not sure if the other A-League teams have radio coverage like we do in Melbourne from SEN who do a great job.

5 July 2007 at 13:18  

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