Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Happy Birthday El Capitan!

Birthday wishes go out to our fearless leader, Kevin Muscat who turns 34 today. Initially beginning his career at the Victory in the heart of our defence, he moved to a central midfield role in our championship winning team last season. This was a stroke of genius by Ernie Merrick as the move completely revitalised our midfield along with Grant Brebner, creating a fearsome combination, and was part of the driving force behind our campaign. Muscat, best known for his hard tackling ways, is our number one penalty taker and has never missed from the spot in an A-League game. Before playing with Victory, Muscat teams included South Melbourne, Crystal Palace, Wolverhampton, Glasgow Rangers and Millwall. Once labelled as "the most hated man in England" he now leads the Melbourne Victory with a fearless determination and always expects the best from his teamates. He has also won the Victory Medal in both the 2005-06 and 2006-07 season

Melbourne Victory stats:
Games: 37
Goals: 13 (11 Penalties)
Assists: 6
Yellow Cards: 11
Red Cards: 2

Happy Birthday El Capitan!


Blogger john said...

On Foxtel 'Total Football' Robbie Slatter was talking about a rift in the Melbourne camp. Have you heard anything on this>

12 August 2007 at 13:14  
Blogger Neil said...

There has been talk of clashes between Llubo Milicevic and Kevin Muscat. Both are used to being leaders within the teams they have played for and there probably is a bit of a personality clash. No team is going to have everyone getting along perfectly. Plus at the moment they are not getting the results they expect but I am sure that will change.

12 August 2007 at 13:35  

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