Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Futsal debut

It was a futsal debut of some sorts (even though I filled in for a friend's whilst on holiday in Brisbane) for myself last night as played in a friend's team in Richmond. It wasn't a great debut for me personally as I struggled to keep pace with the speed of the game. For the first couple of minutes I don't think I even got a touch. I haven't played football of any kind for about six months and it showed and I only played about ten minutes of a thirty-six minute game. Also I usually play as a keeper for another outdoor five-a-side team, so running to position and tracking back in defence (something that I always yell at my teammates to do when between the posts) was something to get used to. Fitting into a team that knows each other quite well was also something that probably hindered my performance, remembering their names was hard enough. Hopefully, the team will have me back for future games. For the record the team I played for won 6-3, with an outstanding performance from our goalkeeper.


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