Sunday, 26 August 2007

Luck plays its part

In the end, the Melbourne boys were lucky to come away with the point from an entertaining match in Wellington today. After leading most of the game, the Phoenix came storming back in the last 12 minutes to come within a whisker of taking all three points and along the way they hit the goal frame twice - one of those from the penalty spot. I can't make too much comment on the first half as I only saw the final five minutes - due to the fact that it took me three hours to play nine holes of golf* as we got stuck behind a couple of the slowest groups that I ever seen.

It was difficult to gauge the influence of Hernandez and from the brief highlights that I saw of the first half it looked like he was starting to link well with Allsopp and Thompson. If anyone else can let me know their thoughts on his first half it would be most welcome. To my thoughts on the second half. Apart from the final fifteen minutes the game looked evenly matched with Keenan's great solo effort and final pass to Allsopp, which was finished off in style being one of the highlights. Wellington's fortunes picked up with introduction of their third Brazilian, Felipe who had an immediate impact on the game and dominated the midfield. We looked a little uncertain at long set pieces and corners and we missed the influence of Milicevic in the aerial duels, who went off earlier in the game due to a knee injury. Our midfield didn't appear to run out the game and when they dropped off the pace and that's when the Phoenix started to really dominate. But when they were on the pace there was some nice interplay. In the end we were probably lucky to come away with the single point. Credit must be given to the Phoenix, who played really well in front of an impressive crowd of over 14,00 people - they will cause a lot of problems for teams this season. I am looking forward to the game next week and a continued improvement from the team. The first home game of the new season - hopefully we get a great crowd.

*For anyone that cares I scored a 53 for my 9 holes.


Anonymous Eric said...

The first half display was quite impressive. Hernandez really proved he's worth the hype in those 45 minutes, but as his early substitution in the 2nd half suggests, fitness is an issue. Once he's up to playing the full 90 minutes, I think Melbourne will have a very compelling attacking force.

27 August 2007 at 11:02  
Anonymous wayne said...

youve got close to 20,00 members and you're hoping for a good turn out - you jest surely!

29 August 2007 at 20:45  

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